Welcome to the Holzkunstgalerie

Affordable turned art

Created with or with the help of the lathe

In times like these, when everything is getting more expensive, it is good to think about what the money is spent on. Despite all this, we would like to give our loved ones something nice for Christmas or other occasions. Some would like to expand their collection of turned objects, but without immediately tearing a hole in the wallet.

That is why the Wood Art Gallery would like to show objects from experts in your field, which are in a price range up to 250€. The theme is open, of course it would be nice if a Christmas character can be achieved for the exhibition. However, this is not mandatory.

The dimensions are limited to a maximum of about 30cm (HxWxD) in each direction, as in the exhibitions so far.

We invite you to be part of the exhibition from 15/11/2022 to 24/12/2022 and look forward to receiving your work by 05/11/2022!

The selection will be made by 08.11.2022.

Submission requirements:

  • The specification for the wooden vessels is a maximum size (height x width x depth) of 30 cm each and the opening should not just be drilled.
  • The work should have been created with or with the help of the wood lathe. But we also make (rare) exceptions and, if you like, free work in wood is also accepted.

There are definitely a lot of ideas on this topic!

We look forward to creative ideas from you and many affordable, turned and artistic objects!